After how to talk to your barber, you really want to know about face shapes and the best haircuts to match. First of all, it is not required to know this. It is part of the training and experience all barbers and stylists have. While you’re asking them for celebritis’s Fury haircut, they are assessing how to make it work for your face shape and hair type. So if you feel concerned about not knowing, don’t. Put that energy into locating someone you trust with your hair and you’re guaranteed to get a great haircut.

Second, there is no relationship between face shape and attractiveness. There are celebrities with every face shape, even round and long. This is only about finding the best hairstyle for you.

How to find your face shape?

Sometimes face shape is obvious but not always. Try tracing the outline of your face in a mirror with a bar of soap. The key is to focus on the proportions of your face rather than the actual features. If all else fails, ask your barber or stylist at your next cut.


This proportional face shape has a ratio of about 3 lengths to 2 widths. The defining feature of an oval face is the absence of dominant angles or corners at the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Any hairstyle will work for oval faces so have fun experimenting with a range of styles. Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal in a classic short hairstyle paired with a short beard but you’ve seen him rock everything from a military buzz to long hair worn in a man bun.


If you have a round face, you probably already know. A round face is approximately equal in length and width with full cheeks and no corners in the jaw. While excess weight can soften a face, round faces are more often the result of genetics. Hairstyles for a round face should add height, angles, or both. Excellent choices include an undercut, slicked up hair, or a peaked faux hawk. If you want to wear hair down, try bangs cut at an angle and definitely a side part. Stephen Rahman-Hughes’ slicked up hair with a square edges is an on trend and on point.


This is the traditionally masculine face shape and considered the ideal shape for men (oval is the ideal for women). A chiseled jaw and angular forehead are frequently portrayed in action or military roles such as GI Joe cartoons. Any haircut goes so choose a short or slicked back style to highlight your features or soften the hairline with bangs. A peaked spiked up look that reflects the shape of your chin is also an excellent option for men with square faces or go for the straight spiked style.


These are the most common face shapes. A heart-shaped face features an angular chin and wider forehead.For a triangle, these features are slightly more pronounced, with a wider forehead and narrower, sometimes pointier chin. The only thing to avoid is adding width above the ears. Other wise, everything goes and you can highlight your face shape with spikes or slick hair or alternatively wear hair forward to soften the hairline. Spiky style that looks as good on Agent Booth as did on Angel.


Another common face shape, long faces are about twice as long as they are wide. Any additional height for this face shape should be balanced with some width. To reduce the appearance of length, choose a cut that wears hair down over the forehead. We have it on good authority that these longer styles are the next men’s hair trend. The general advice is to avoid adding height but the always trend setting defies these guidelines and so can you.